CD "COLOURISE THE OCEAN" Limited Digipak Edition

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COLOURISE THE OCEAN Limited Digipak Edition

01. Sanders & Carney
02. A battle between real and imagined zombie-related ruggedness
03. Colourise the ocean
04. Polaroids
05. As grotesque as i am
06. The white shark's palm beach massacre
07. Napoleonic Complex
08. Lion the ground
09. Nine good friends in a row are better than every poker night
10. Epilogue

All Songs written and arranged by ME, MYSELF AND THE AUDIENCE
Lyrics by Florian Hauser & Florian Auer
Mixed by Florian Nowak, Dailyhero Recorings Studio Berlin
Mastered by Simon Hawemann (WFAHM), Moulder Masters Berlin
Artwork by Martin Schindler